Thursday, October 18, 2007

Future Heartbreakers

Let's start with my 5 month old niece, Fisyah. Check out her cheeks! She looks Japanese/Korean a bit, don't you think so?

Next, my almost 3 year old nephew, Hareez. The apple of my eye, my favourite "anak buah" coz I took care of him since he was 3 months old. Did you know he was in that disposable diaper advertisement, "Pet pet"? Yup, he was the baby who peed on the dad. He proudly showed his tiny finger who got injured because he had stuck it in between the cupboard's sliding door. Ouch!! Tulah, notty sangat!

Below are my cousins, Syamil and Faiz. They are best cousins forever, or so they say. They even wrote a song about it!

This is my gorgeous 7 year old niece, Puteri Iffa. Major future heartbreaker I reckon. Honestly, my brother is not that handsome and errmmm my SIL pun not that pretty but somehow my niece turns out to be a looker. Hehehe...

Below is my cousin Durrani. I call her Nani.

Another cousin of mine. His name is Wildan. I pity the kid. When he grows up he's gonna get teased so much because if his name. "Well done, Wildan!" Get it?! Tongue twister that one.

These are half of my camera-crazed cousins. Pantang tengok camera. Posing memanjang.

So how was your Hari Raya?


Amy said...

Cute2nya your niece, nephew dgn cousins ni! Selamat raya Sherie

Nor Azam said...

cite anak org, jer! Made by Sherie n Co, mananya ?

Selamat Hari Raya + Maaf Zahir Batin

east43street said...

The one I like most is Fisyah. She looks like an eskimo too.

Dade Ghost said...

Raya was ok la Sherie. The young ones enjoys it more.... Hope u had a good one.

Angel Eyes said...

My Raya was a blast i would say. Went back to my hometown and we had fun with makan makan session with aunts and uncles.

But duit raya still ada lagi.. hehe

Azer Mantessa said...

ooo man, i'm melting :-)

akula said...

Ok, how much is the damage in your pocket for duit raya?

suzequatro said...

raya...ermm i would say it's a lazy break at home..makan carrot giler!! this year u tak text i to wish happy raya pun...haha! hope yours was a blast sherie!

Nour said...

mine was relatively quiet...but I had a good break :)

Hope you had a wonderful raya!

kawaii_desu said...

Hi CG! salam ziarah... :)

selamat hari raya to you :)
by the way, what a kawaii family u have there... comel sungguh anak2 buah u to

Miss Camy said...

Fisyah is so cute!!! Which bro's one again? And whats her full name?
Ala...rindunya ngan ur Hareez. Spiderman!!!
My Raya best sgt coz duit cukup utk bli hp baru :D


memang confirm heartbreakers...tak macam aunty dia langsung...hehehehhe

all jazzed up said...

cosmic, theyre so adorable. no wonder your raya was so much fun!

thewailer said...

beautiful kids :)

diamond baby said...

kecik2 lagi dah pandai posing so mana gambar mak budaks and bapak budaksnye?

still not to late to wish selamat hari raya 2 you!

Cosmic_GurL said...

Amy - Thanks Amy. Raya sebulan kan? So not too late for me to wish u too!

Azam - Ingat senang ker nak buat anak? Cam kilang tepung issit? :P

East43St - Eskimo? that u mention it, adalah skit2 eskimoish..heheehe

DG - I so agree with u. Young ones enjoy it more coz they get duit raya. takder sapa bg i duit raya this year :((

Sheryl - Tak aci! Pass la sini skit duit raya tu..takpun belanja i starbucks coffee blh? :P

AM - You and I both!

akula - Sigh..tak terkata byk damage nyer...takper lah..setahun sekali kan?

Suze - I tot i did text u. tak ke? Ala sorry, raya2 makan carrot cake ke? u buat sendiri or kek "tunjuk"?

Nour - i did, thanks dear! Poket sakit tak? Hehehe..

Cosmic_GurL said...

KD - Thanks for dropping by. Yeah they are cute. I hope my children will be as cute as them :) Have a great raya!

Yaya - Fisyah is my 2nd bro's daughter. Her full name is Farafisyah Razad. I cant wait to see your nephew Haris too! Yeah, Abg Reza ada cakap pasal your new handphone. Amboi, bergaya sakan la raya ni :p

Eddy - Cheh!! Jeless la tu. Aunty dia vogue tau :p

AJU - Thanks! Yeah, kalau takder bebudak tu mmg sunyi la my raya

thewailer - beautiful kids coz their aunty is beautiful as well..ahem..hahahahaha!

DB - Yeah, diaorang mmg posers No. 1! Pantang tengok camera..Slmt Hari Raya to you too darling!

Drama Div@ said...

They are all cute kids...

Sweettooth said...

oh gosh....they're absolutely gorgez!!!

my raya ok-ok jer sbb tak sihat *sobs*..

julia said...

wow... ur cousins mmg lawa lawa la. hareez is sooooooooooo cute !
and the first pic - the baby, mmg macam japanese. kasik pakai blusher sket.. eeuw mmg comey !

kissy & huggy huggy for em =D

Frankensteina said...

Oooh they are all so ADORABLE! esp the lil ones :)