Friday, September 12, 2008

I have lost the will to write

I’ve lost the will to write. I think all my creative juices have been drained out. I’ve got so many stories to tell but I can’t translate them into words. It is so frustrating.

On being away for Raya

It’s the 12th day of Ramadhan and I’ve been receiving several invitations for breaking fast. However, this year I think I shall try to break fast as often as I can at home with my parents and siblings, especially during the weekend, since I won’t be spending Hari Raya with them this year. I’ve already booked our flight tickets to Kuching (Airasia tix cost me RM600 over!!) and it looks like I will be spending Hari Raya with the in-laws and not with my parents for the very first time. I’m sure I will get used to it over time but I guess the first time is always the hardest. I must make sure I stay away from all those sad Raya songs.

On fasting and breaking fast

You know how some people say they will try to loose some weight during the month of Ramadhan? Ain’t never gonna happen I tell you! Unless of course you stay away from all the buffets and pasar ramadhan then maybe you can loose about 1-2 kilos. Maximum would be 5 kilos. The trick is not to eat rice during iftar and sahur but can you actually survive without rice the whole of Ramadhan? Hmmm…I know I can’t.

Have you guys been to any of the pasar ramadhan lately? Everything is so expensive. There’s this one makcik in tmn tun who sells pulut panggang for RM1.50 a piece! Nasib baik sedap but still too expensive I think. My brother bought a piece of ayam percik in Bangsar and it costs him RM6! And it’s not even a big piece. There’s also this popiah stall near the entrance at pasar ramadhan tmn tun where you can see so many people queuing up just to buy the popiah which cost 60 sen a piece. I’ve tasted the popiah and it is nice but not really mind-blowing delicious la but somehow the queue was so long that you’d think it’s the world’s best popiah.

On Cinta

Last night my SIL came over to the house and asked me whether I mind babysitting my 3 month old niece, Cinta. I think she planed to have a romantic night out with my brother after 3 months being cooped up in the house with the baby. The good aunt that I am, I said yes. My SIL assured me that Cinta is a good baby as in she doesn’t wake up so often for feeding, she usually needs feeding at midnight then will sleep throughout the night and then wake up at 6am the next morning for her next feeding. So I thought, “Hey that’s easy peasy”. Boy was I wrong. She ended up waking upat 1am, 4am and 7am for feeding! My goodness! That girl can really drink milk. No wonder she’s so “sihat”. Now I’m in the office and so sleepy. I can hardly get my eyes open. I don’t know how some mothers do it. Especially working mothers. Wait, let me rephrase that. Especially working mothers with lazy husbands who refuse to wake up to feed the baby. Anyhow, since Cinta is such a cute bundle of joy I don’t mind babysitting her again. Even my hubby adores her.


just me said...

anak dosh ke tu? oh my god! so cute!!!

Cosmic_GurL said...

Heya Kish, yup anak Dosh. Mmg cute sgt2!

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

OMG !!

so comel !!

i dah jatuh cinta dengan Cinta.


Ms B said...


Welcome to my world! *LOL*

But my girl was an accommodating baby. She knew mummy had demanding job and only asked to be fed at midnight and 6 am. I remember the moment I reached home at 10ishpm, she refused bottled milk and mom passed her over to me. All she wanted was to be breastfed.

Anonymous said...


1. Good writing, good story.

2. People will always double their food intake during Ramadhan. And if you kick the rice out you will have the manisan for you to gobble after a whole day of lapar dan

I only did twice going to the bazaar one ate anything that was bought hmmm..

3. Haaa...blajar jaga anak yek...good thing to start with...dulu my mum kata boleh terlondeh kain jaga anak...i have experience it other half gelak sampai pagi bila tengok..

anyhow have a good raya in kucing...the delicacies must be awesome for a change


Anonymous said...

Sherie! How long will you be in Kuching? Need to meet up, ok, I will only be back in KL for 19 days :-(


Cosmic_GurL said...

CPMS -'s very easy to fall in love with Cinta

MsB - How long did you breastfeed your daughter? Another SIL of mine is still breastfeeding her daughter and she's already 1 year plus! Such dedication I tell you...

RDB - Hahaha..sampai terlondeh kain??? Sbb tu lah next time pakai seluar pendek or seluar baju melayu okay... Thank you, im looking forward to all the kuih2 from sarawak too esp kek lapis :))

Banana - I miss you girl!! Will be in Kuch until the 4th so u better see me after that okay!!! Cant wait to catch up with you and Dan :))

Amy said...

Cinta is super cute...geramnya tengok kaki dia yg berlekuk2 tu...sama macam nephew i

Cosmic_GurL said...

Amy, macam Michelin baby sebenarnyer...hehehe...rasa cam nak gigit2 jer kaki dia

pugly said...

She's gonna be one helluva heartbreaker, that one, I tell ya :-)

a-sha said...

I found your comment at Pugly's blog and was grateful that I decided to visit your blog. Your niece is superbly-ultra-crazily cute-adorable-gorgeous-sweet-cuddly and all the nice words in the world!! I wanna eat her :P Aww~

D.N.A.S said...

Bila ada baby kecik, hari-hari pegi keje rasa macam Zombie, okay....
Anyway, kiutnyeeee Cintaaaaa!!!

Desparil said...

alahai.. comelnya diaaaaa...

*cubits pipi*

j or ji said...

bagus la raya jauh2.terasa di perantauan. huhu..nasib baik me and wifey satu daerah.bosannya pulak ialah bila kejap2 nak ke rumah mak dia...duh!

buke posa tanpa nasik ibarat tak buke! hilang .5kg pun dah ok sangat dah.

Cinta macam suruh gigit peha je tu? i selalu gigit peha anak! haha..but me no lazy do everything for my daughter!

Cosmic_GurL said...

pugly - I think so too lah..heehehe...but not too many hearts I hope :P

a-sha - Awww..thanks :) I feel like biting her ALL the time too

DNAS - Hehehe...I baru satu hari dah rasa cam Zombie..dunno lah how if dah ader anak sendiri...hehehe

Des - Cubit skit2 jer tau..nanti jatuh plak..hehehehe

jorji - U cakap bagus pasal u tak merasa okay! Sian anak u..hehehe..abis peha dia kena gigit..ganas punya bapak!

gravtkills said...

saya boycott pasar ramadha...2 tahun berturut2

Cosmic_GurL said...

GK - Waaahhh seriously? Can survive without pasar ramadhan ah? Where do you get all the kuih and murtabak and bubur lambuk? Hehehehe

30something said...


Heh, one very cute lil baby that! i love the hair, so very the lebat!
I have been to pasar ramadhan only twice so far, nothing interesting, its just the "nafsu" inciting glutonny!! heh


trueblue said...

Oh My God...I can't get over how cute she is....

Anyway, Selamat Berpuasa Sherie. Hope you'll have a great raya in Sarawak :)

crash test mom said...

oooh she's so adorable! can i chop u and hubby to babysit all 3 of my kids while hubby and i go gallivanting in.. say.. maldives ke? ;)

tall order?

The Pisces Man said...

Despite going to be away for Raya, hope u'll still enjoy urself. How come quite xpensive plak Air Asia tuh?

Yeah, some foods at the bazaar Ramadhan but the one u mention at Tmn Tun sounds a bit overly priced. Nearby my house, we can still get 3 pieces of kuih for RM 1.

Eh, cute tul lah niece u tuh. So, u babysat overnight? Hehe, i've never done that b4, leaving my baby in someone's hands overnight. Wonder if and am sure he'll be looking for us.

Cosmic_GurL said...

30smthing - Yeah her hair mmg lebat and colour ada blonde skit :P

TB - Thanks dear :)) Slmt Hari Raya to you too

CTM - Hahaha...if u want me to babysit Alayna then im all for it..i wont even charge you..tapi kalau 3 orang tu ada susah skit la :P

PM - Yeah expensive coz we booked quite late :(
Yeah Tmn Tun mahal but Bangsar one lagi mahal!
My SIL dah biasa leave her children with me for me to babysit :)

BabyGD said...

mmg diorang cekik darah. kuih sket ler punya kocik tapi jual 40 sen ok!

and cintan is soooooooooooooo cute... jatuh chenta pulak rasa.. hehe..

taichee~@! said...

Dear Sher,

1. That snake looking food really turned me off

2. Hey! Kuching pun raya meriah gilak. Mun kitak dah biasa nak, sure maok Raya sitok. Dlm Seminggu, kucingites will raya gilak2 sampey ada 7 pun baju raya so that hari2 can change.

3. Your Cinta just remind me of my nephew Ziyyad..hooo how I miss him bad, baby.