Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello, my name is Sher and I'm a seafoodholic.

I just realised I haven’t updated my blog for so long. I also haven’t been reading other people’s blogs. Sorry guys. I just came back from visiting my parents in law in Kuching 2 weeks ago and ever since my mom’s bibik went back to Indon life has been pretty hectic. I swear I don’t know how people can survive without maids. I’m not trying to be “mengada-ngada” here but housework is no joke man. The only time we can do the laundry is over the weekend. If I wash my clothes in the morning on a weekday then my mom has to hang the clothes and I don’t want her standing in the hot sun hanging all those clothes. It’s so hot nowadays and making her do that is just cruel.
When we had a maid, we would only wash our own dishes, well sometimes when we’re lazy we just put them in the sink. Now we not only have to do all the dishes but we have to scrub the pots and pans too. Haiyooo, very tiring lah. And when my SIL used to leave her 1 year old daughter, Cinta with me, I would only take her into my room when she’s about to go to sleep. Other than that I would hand her over to the maid and the maid would carry her around and play wit hher until she’s tired and ready to sleep. Now she’s with me every minute of every second of the day if she stays over at my mom’s house. No longer do I have the luxury of handing her over to the maid when I’m tired and needed to rest. And she’s at that age where if she sees me, she doesn’t want to be with anyone else, not even my mom or dad. She will cry and cry and since I don’t have the heart to see her like that so I would end up carrying her to my room and play with her. I want kids badly but sometimes I wonder how one takes care of their child without any domestic help. I mean you cannot do any housework until the baby takes a nap especially if they’re at that age where you have to watch them all the time! Cinta is at that age right now where if you turn your head away from her for 5 seconds and suddenly you will see her already climbing up the staircase.
Oh yeah, today is Cinta's 1st birthday and I wanna wish her Happy Birthday and that Auntie Sher loves her a lot! Ain't she a cutiepie?!

So anyway, my trip to went really well. It was a food fest actually. Hubby and I ate non-stop and I tried so many new delicacies. Some I like and some is just not my cuppa tea. Pictures below:-
This is called linut. It's basically tapioca flour cooked and eaten with sambal belacan. SILs and hubby are crazy about them but me, not so much.
The delicious laksa sarawak. I love this dish.

The famous mee kolok. A must-have if you're in Kuching.

We also had seafood somewhere somewhere out of town. The dish below is Oyster Omelette. Not my cuppa tea. It's just too eggy?

This is ambal, a type of "siput".

The yummy buttered prawns.

The jellyfish. Also errmm NOT my cuppa tea. Hehehe...


Ms B said...


Hey u are back!!!! Gosh, it has been awhile. Again ur website keeps popping error. isy isy.. hope my comment gets tru.

Cinta is adorable!! and yes, life without a helper is tough when we are so used of having one but eventually, we adjust.

And u had to put the food pics, eh? Buat i terliur lah ek.

take care!

Daddy + Mummy said...

ya Allah!! cutenyaaaa dak tuh!! nak buat calon menantu leh tak? hahaha..

Mrs.A said...

Hi Sher. (dont bother clicking on my blog mademoiselle, I havent updated in eons.. I will after this .. tee hee) I am a seafoodholic too! Those yummy prawns .. come on.. how can you say no?

I dont have a maid but at least I am at home. But.. there's still soooo much to do. My motto is, do the important stuff first, anything else is a bonus!

And Cinta, so very cutesy mutesy! Please give her a big Happy Birthday Kiss from me and Lil A.

Cosmic_GurL said...

Ms.B - Yes Im bacccckkkk! But dont know for how long la..hehehe...yeah blogspot weng skit lately...

D&M - Hahaha..boleh boleh pasal anak u pun handsome! hahahaha

Mrs.A - Aaahh very good motto but my prob is to me everything is important..hehehe..tu yang susah tu

Crash Test Mom said...

ayoo.. pagi2 sudah buat saya lapar.

happy birthday cinta!
comellllll sangat.

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

finally, you updated !!

i thought you bersara like pijah already..

yeay !

Cosmic_GurL said...

CTM - Sorrylah babe...i pun dok terlioq ni..eh when is lil munchkin's bday? shes gonna be 1 soon too kan?

CPMS - Hehehe..selagi you people nak baca my posts yang usually merepek ni, id still be blogging :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherie

Yes, since I moved to Boston, sometimes the person I miss the most is my maid!! Realised how under-appreciated she was dulu, now I call home sometimes to chat with her and send presents back all... hahaha.. Now if only she was willing to move ;-)


Crash Test Mom said...

dah lepas la sher, hers was on the 14th.

Cosmic_GurL said...

Banana - Hey you! Wow your maid gets pressies? hehehehe..cool! I missed you babe!

CTM - Oh ye ke? Sorry :P She dah pandai jalan blom? Cinta is such a lazy bum! She can only stand for 3 secs then duduk balik!

Amy said...

Geramnyaaaaaa tengok Cinta. So cutee!

j or ji said...

jaga anak dan kemas rumah. kombinasi sain mati. tak boleh lari. ada maid senang sikit. takda maid,macam i, kadang2 buat kerja rumah tanpa perasaan.kadang-kadang pandang sinki dengan penuh rasa kebencian.

j or ji said...

comelnya Cinta!

Hazia said...

Like the words on your blog header, hehe...

The seafood looks delicious, tempting. Cinta is cute, that's her real name?:)