Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Of Edward and a movie marathon

I am thankful for friends who acknowledge the fact that I am crazy about Edward Cullen. No, not the actor Robert Pattinson who plays Edward but the real Edward Cullen from the book. My friends threw us (another friend and I who celebrated our birthday in Feb) a surprise Twlight/New Moon theme birthday lunch at Food Foundry yesterday. Food was so-so but I was in great company. Thank god for lovely friends!

I watched Percy Jackson last weekend. For those who read the book, they might be a tad disappointed because there were few scenes from the book that were not shown in the movie. I was looking forward to seeing Poseidon in his Hawaiian shirt but that wasnt in the movie. But all in all it was a very entertaining how.
I also watched Valentine's Day. I was however very disappointed with the movie. Maybe because there were so many famous actors that they didnt develop the storyline well. Love Actually to me is still the best romantic-comedy-drama movie I've ever seen. It's really hard to top that one. He's Not That Into You was good but still not as good as Love Actually.
The Wolfman was not as scary as I thought. There were few scenes that made me screamed and jumped off my seat but still not scary enough. The transformation scene was not that impressive either.
So, what shall I watch next?


j or ji said...

hello cosmic,how are u?
Happy Belated Birthday!

gus said...

Hi sher. Lama tak jenguk. Good to see you're still here. most of the usual suspects are either dormant, hibernating, restricted to invites only or just don't exist anymore. I'm picking up on blogging again, this time to explore monetizing.

Anyway, I finally watched twilight few weeks ago. Yeah, I'm that backward,and the movie explained the craze that is Edward Cullen. I now understand why girls, and some guys, love the irresistable charm behind that mystery. I think the writer is a genius.