Thursday, July 22, 2010

Miss Congeniality

A friend sent me an email which contained news that Sandra Bullock is giving her husband, Jesse James a second chance. I really respect Sandra Bullock. She is just such a wonderful and good human being. In the news article there's also a quote by M.D. Keith Ablow. He said,

"Infidelity is almost never a reason why educated, introspective and forgiving people stay separated or divorced. If other facets of the relationship are present -- including commitment to one's children and an overriding sense that life is more meaningful together than apart -- then marriages can not only survive infidelity, but end up stronger, despite it."

This guy knows what he is talking about.


Mrs.A said...

For some, it takes infidelity to finally realise what/who they really want in their lives.

Scores of my friends have survived it, their stories all different .. but in the end, i see that most of them end up - stronger, more focused, and determined. They all have one thing in common though, the ones who survived - the neverending love and support of loved ones, be it friends and family.

Cosmic_GurL said...

Mrs. A - yes, thank for for friends! Be it old or new ones :)

Mrs.A said...

PS.. keep on writing! U nearly got me my blogging mojo back with this one. ;-)