Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Redang Island - August 2010

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Mrs.A said...

Reminds me the first time when I went to Redang and the pakcik boat offered to bring me, hubs and my 14 year old sis to snorkel elsewhere than the marine park. He said, "sini tak banyak ikan, kalau nak pakcik bawak tempat banyak ikan. Tapi jangan takut ikan besar ya. Jangan panik bila dia datang dekat. Relax". "Rasanya tak takut pakcik". My mummy agreed to take care of 7month old Hilman. Semua excited dah.. He he

As we were alighting at the jetty, the pakcik just had to continue "jumpa pukul 2 ya. Jerung besar bot pun ada".. Which prompted my mum to say, "Tak payah pergi!".. Hu hu . He must have meant a whale shark lah kot...melepas...

Need to plan a snorkelling trip soon. Or diving? Woo hoo