Friday, February 24, 2006

American Idol 5


Ladies and Gentlemen,

These are my favourites in American Idol 5:-

The GuysAce Young (drool drool coz he’s hot hot hot!!!), Taylor Hicks (he’s so honest!), Elliot Yamin (very soulful voice), Chris Daughtry (the rocker) and David Radford (the crooner)

Ace Young

Taylor Hicks

Chris Daughtry and Elliot Yamin
(They looked like twins don't they?)

David Radford

The GurlsLisa Tucker (can't believe she and Paris are just 16 years old!!), Paris Bennett, Mandisa Hundley (this woman rocks! Who says big-sized chicks dont know how to have fun? She brought the house down with her performance!), Katharine McPhee and Ayla Brown

Lisa Tucker and Paris Bennett

Mandisa Hundley

Katharine Mcphee

Ayla Brown

So who's your favourite so far?


lx said...

i've come fairly close to ur selection. go to i like this McPhee girl ... there's a certain degree of innocence abt her and Radford sings without effort!

Angel Eyes said...

you're my favourite so far darling!

hehe.. kidding! i don;t watch AI laa... no time! :(

aida syukri said...

sherieeee!! i suke ace young jugak..taylor and chris too!!

trueblue said...

I only get to watch American Idol on 8tv. Its a few episodes behind compared to the one shown on ASTRO, right? I haven't caught their names yet. But I love to watch the auditions. Its hillarious!!

madnessinvain said...

I lap yew too Kat.

Freak & Geek said...

oh ho.. so that's ace young.. seems like he's the talk of the town..
well i guess, he's hot.. the same goes with the voice i reckon.. i've missed AI 2 weeks in a row.. kesibukan yg teramat..heheheh

but u r still our no 1 fav..angel eyes was totally rite.. *wink*

[Is]landa said...

my gaydar tells me that ace young is not straight.

hmmm, so that explains why im attracted to him...

superdzu said...

oi..hands off.
ace yang jambu tu is mine.
he's sizzzzzling hot.

i think he looks a lot like jake gyllenhaal.

Cosmic_GurL said...

Alex - Oh yeah tht McPhee gurl is so cute and her voice mak oii! So big and sedap!

Angeleyes - Awwww shucks! Thanks. Hehehe...but but but u must watch it! this time around theres so many good singers

Aidasyukri - Aidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Ive missed you!! Yup yup! U must dream abt Ace Young byk2 coz nanti yr child will look like him! Heheheh

Trueblue - Hahaha...But no one can beat William Hung! She bangs she bangs!

MIV - You and the rest of the male species!

FnG - *Blush* U and angeleyes are my fav gals too darlin'! Seriously, this Ace guy is not only hot but he's got a great voice too!

Ylanda - Hep! No he's not gay!! He's the youngest of 5 bros. He's yummylicious!! Everytime he comes on tv i feel like licking the screen. Muahahahahaha!

Superdzu - Eh get in line kay. U fan no. yang ke 6785. Hahaha. He's waaaaay hotter than jake la.

Oh btw, the 4 people who got eliminated was Becky O'Donoghue (another goojas gurl), Stevie Scott (the opera singer), Patrick Hall (He sang "Come to my window") and Bobby Bennett (the guy who sings Copacabana)

cikPijah said...

let the american idol fever begins!!

Angel Eyes said...

alright bebeh, will try to watch it!

Cosmic_GurL said...

Hehehehe...Cik Pijah, ppl are gonna get sick and tired if we talk abt Ace non-stop! But i dont care!!! Muahahahaha

Angeleyes - U coming to KL this weekend?

[Is]landa said...

youngest of 5 boys?

all the more reason to be my jambu boy.

come to momma!

Cosmic_GurL said...

Ylanda, touch him and ull die!!!

zuhri said...

i thot i tersesat masuk website american idol tadi...hehehe

Shopper Mom said...

most of the girls are soooo tall and gorgeous no less, they make ryan seacrest look like a midget. hehe..

suzequatro said...

ace! ace ! ace all the wayyyyy !!!

KaiserSoze said...

Katherine Mcphee of course!!!..drool.....

Sunshine said...

ACE & DAVID for guys...LISA & PARIS for the girls... those are my favs!

princess sparkle said...

David is a sweet & cute crooner kan? but dont think he can last long... For the dawg pound, am rooting for Daughtry & Hicks! For the girls, i love Mandisa's soulful voice, Paris' versatility, McPhee's eyes (think her voice is so-so) and of course Lisa Tucker! That girl is so freakin talented!

Hehe, err.. i know i'll get bashing on this, but i dont think ace is cute! ;-P