Friday, June 23, 2006

Mari Nonton Konsert

  • Come one, come all!
  • Who's going to Singapore to watch Coldplay in concert on 10th July 2006?
  • I am so excited! Already bought the ticket and going to Singapore by bus I think with my colleagues. Athena, Princess Sparkle, wooohoooo!!
  • 17 more days to go!
  • I know I am soooo gonna cry if they sing this song...
"Fix You"
When you try your best, but you don't succeed
When you get what you want, but not what you need
When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse
When the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone, but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?
Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you
High up above or down below
When you too in love to let it go
If you never try you'll never know
Just what you're worth
Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you
Tears stream down your face
When you lose something you cannot replace
Tears stream down your face
And I...
Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

p/s : Sorry havent been updating my blog you guys. As shopper mom said, dah bersawang dah my blog nih. Hehehehe...


princesswaffzonkle said...

Rainforest Festival la wei...
kitak ka santubung..
ho yeaaa...

Desparil said...

oit! the finals on that day lah.. tak tengok ke?

trueblue said...

Aiyohhhhh...lama betul nak tunggu u update..

Bestnya pergi concert...The last concert I went to was 4 years ago.. :)

Angel Eyes said...

i like coldplay too!

uwaaaa... tak dpt tgk laa their concert!

Hey darl, before the concert why don't you take a peek at the GSS? It's until 23rd july... still got time to... SHOP!


j.ding said...

Tolong nyanyikan YELLOW untuk saya

Shopper Mom said...

aaah... finally an update from miss cosmic! :)

enjoy the anticipation of going away, and of course the concert! i can't even remember when was the last time i attended one.

Red Raven said...

Coldplay huh..well...i love them but it's the World Cup....they can play in the cold right now

Freak & Geek said...

hei sis.. welcome back!

i so love that song - fix u.

i remembered on a review u've made about it. brought tears to my eyes while reading your entry.

enjoy the gig! (and GSS as well)

heheheh.... *wink*

Leen Ash Burn said...

Hey I got you at the right timing!

I so jeles you're going to see Coldplay. JELES i tell yewww JELESSS. Sniff.

9 said...

i lg jeles if u said that u were going to berlin on the 9th for the finals.. heh. said...

aw danggg..i soo wanted to go watch coldplay play on moi birthday *:p* but cannot cuz the family already planned something to celebrate me.

flykiss kan chris martin for me!

Javard said...

what if it clashes with my flight date....would u still choose Coldplay...sniff sniff....

superdzu said...

nak ikut!!!

and i dont have to listen to 'fix you' to cry.
i'm crying on the inside now coz tak dapat pergi the concert!

p/s : chris martin is so mine!

Cosmic_GurL said...

Waffzonkle - Iskh, fail la cakap sarawak kitak ni...ure supposed to say, "kamek pegi santubung"..hehehe..take lotsa pics kay...maybe next yr la i sampai kat santubung tu

Des - Oits, final at 2am on Monday and my bus leaves at 8am. After watching the final terus naik bas gi Spore and can tido! Hehehehe..

trueblue - Konsert apa yang 4 yrs ago tu my dear?

j-ding - Ehem..let me try ah..

"Tengok bintang, tengok ia bersinar untukmu...dan segala yang kau lakukan..semuanya kuninggggggggggg!!!"

Shopper Mom - Heheh...going to see winnie the pooh and friends pun kira konsert jugak tau :)

raven - Yes, yes WC very important...i get it

FnG - Thank you darling. Good to be back. Hehehe..Cam lah gi overseas...Yeah, dont u just love the song??!! After paying for the concert tixs dont think ill have money to shop..sniff sniff

Leen - Kalau dah jeless tu paham2 jer lah..Not too late to go yew know

9 - Alamak...not my "secawan teh" la nak tengok final kat Berlin tu. Baik tengok tv...can see clearly some more!

tiena - Tu cam nak hint hint bday jer tu. Hehehe...Nanti i bawak balik chris martin's sweat kat u as bday present kay...hehehe

javard - Sniff sniff..dont la like tht Javard...Yr flight on 12th july kan? Will be back on the sad ure going away :(

Superdzu - Alahai...dontch la u cry-cry..u lagi best nak pegi Phuket kay...amik byk2 photo tau..

Shopper Mom said...

hahaha... oh yeah, that reminds me. nak bawak alyssa ngan adam gi tengok winnie the pooh la so that i can tumpang sekaki tengok concert. tak dpt coldplay pun tak pe la... :P

JDing said...

Ticket tu berapa henggit?

Azhaezah said...

dil pun plan nak bwk soffyya tengok pooh bday party. x sure jadi ke x. btw, yr nephew's bowling set still with us. bila mau ambik? hari tu, lepas tengok superman, ingat nak pi hantaq, tp dah malam sgt... soffyya dah eyeing dah tuu... akekeke... ;-)

Mr Hobo said...

I'm GAME .. will be in singapore on the 9th ...

Cosmic_GurL said...

SM - Thats the spirit! :p

jDing - I bought the RM280 tix. Quite far la jugak from the stage. Hehehe

Ezah - Alamak! Thanks for reminding me. Nantilah ill call first before dtg amik kay.

Hobo - Ure going for the Spore sale as well ke?

Gravt Kills said...

ada ticket extra?

Fashionasia said...

and right on-time for the singapore sales too!! u lucky gal you..

Cosmic_GurL said...

nGravtkills - Alamak, no extra tix la my dear. Why dont u check online whether there's any kay

Fashionasia - Haiyooo...i know! Im gonna be sooo broke i tell ya. Sigh...

cikPijah said...

hey! nice meeting u yesterday. one flying kiss for chris martin for that beautiful song. Muahs!

Shopper Mom said...

u've been tagged! buat modal utk update blog :)

taichee~@! said...

yoohooo Sherrie~@!

Enjoy yourself silly while you are there! uhuhuhu jeles kenot go due to my 4wd trips..uhuhuhu~@!

p/s: jgn lupa serang orchard road, gal!

BLaCkFeLiNe said...

Hey Cosmic gurl! welcome to S'pore!

so u gonna watch Cold Play eh...coolnezz!

*concreterose* said...

hey.. m gonna be seeing coldplay too!!! and so cant wait :-)

Keropok said...

what??? WHAT???
you're going to berlin for the july 9th final???

what??? WHAT???

Cosmic_GurL said...

cikpijah - it was good seeing u too pijah! Superman tu goojas kan? still my heart!

Shopper Mom - Oh thanks darling! Mmg tengah kegersangan idea ni..

taichee - Hehehe...i dont think ill shop much la darling

blackfeline - Eh ure in Spore kan? Bleh la jumpa :)

Concreterose - Oh yay! Dah start memorising lyrics of all their songs? Hehehe

keropok - Rrrright. Id rather see Coldplay than France or Portugal in the final. Blergh!