Wednesday, July 05, 2006

All Work And No Play Makes Brandon Routh A Dull Boy *wink*

Ever been in love with a man/woman who loves his job more than you? One of my girlfriends unfortunately is. Or so she says.

She called me up and told me that she was sick and tired of waiting up for her bf every night for the past 2 months. They were supposed to have dinner together at 7 p.m. last night and she had cooked his favourite dishes but he only got in around 2 a.m. She said the dinner had slowly turned from just deliciously underdone to well burnt and beyond repair. She said he had crept in around 2 a.m. and when she asked him what happened he simply said,
“Sorry love, client wanted to go for dinner, then a club and then to another club. I just lost all track of time”.
She then said he tried to cuddle her when they got into bed but she was so angry that she was a rigid rock beside him.

“You know what he said to me? He said I should know how important the deal is for him and that he is doing it for us. For us! I don’t see it benefiting me in any way. It’s not like he showers me with diamonds or take me for a holiday overseas. I hardly see him. I speak to his secretary more than I speak to him. I would like to see whether he would enjoy all that money if I leave him and run off with someone else!! It’s so frustrating, Sher. What should I do?”

“I am not an expert but I guess you can always ask him to get you a supplementary credit card and maxed it and when he gets the bill, he will prolly get a heart attack and that way he’s gonna be bedridden for a while and you can have him all to yourself while he’s recuperating at home or in the hospital”.

“Sher, I am serious!”

“Look, you said what he is doing does not benefit you in any way. Did he say the reason he’s working so hard is to get enough money to marry you? Did he ever mention the “M” word?”

“Well, yeah that’s what he said but I’d rather have him right now all to myself. We don’t talk as often as we used to. He’d rather sleep in during weekend. We don’t hang out with our friends. Sher, am I being selfish?”

“Haiyooo…I don’t know lah. I’ve never been in this kinda situation. I mean it’s better he spends his time doing work than “doing” other women, u know what I mean?”

Seriously, I know how important it is to spend time with your significant other. What’s the point of having a boyfriend if you don’t get to spend time with him and get to know each other better? But then I also understand men’s need to establish themselves and their career.

So women, where do you draw the line?

And men, if your gf/wife makes such a fuss, what do you do? Try to spend time with her or dump her for not being understanding?
  • p/s : Brandon Routh aka Superman aka Yummylicious Man In Tights!!!


BLaCkFeLiNe said...

oops..I'm first here..dun know if I should coz I've been labelled as man basher b4..but what the heck!

sure, the man needs to work, the girl needs cuddling..if it's not happening too often it's oke..but if like she said 'he's married to his work' and it's been two months like this..something's not right..

if it was me, I'd probe deeper...he might just have lost interest coz he's seeing someone else..

men will do anything and go anywhere if he's dun come with excuses!!

so...shoot me!!

che'fara said...

heyya sis!

Azhaezah said...

brandon mmg yummylicious... check out my blog... hopefully dptla tempias sket2 to my baby boy.

Freak & Geek said...

communication is the best way, i guess.

the bf should understand the meaning of well-balanced life. he has responsibilities not only to the work but the the gf who is pretty much ALIVE.

the bf used the excuse that the money is for the big M? what's the possibilities that after the big M, the bf will change, to be more focus on the marriage+new family? it will always be another excuses about the money that he worked hard for.. be it a house, a bigger car, kid's college fund etc...

he deserve to know that ur friend feels very UNIMPORTANT in the bf's life before it's TOO LATE.

my dua kupang.

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

i'm slepping with the boss.
so i guess this doesnt qualify me a comment eh?

har har.

Angel Eyes said...

i won't shoot blackfeline for her views, instead i'll hug a owman like her! She's awesome! ;)

Gotta agree, if a man is interested in you, he'll do anything and everything for you. If he's not, then nothing can happen anyway. He'll just vanished into thin air. That's all. End of the story. Missing in action.

Both parties should understand each other. Try to accomodate with his/her time. Weekends are the best time to just relax and talk to each other. Spend some quality time together. With this, i'm pretty sure that it will nourish the relationship itself.

Do i sound like Doctor Love? I hope not!


*concreterose* said...

i agree with black feline and angel eyes.. if he's in2 your fren, he'd make time for her, and honor his promises and not agree to have dinner and let her wait for ages.. dahla ur fren masak pulak tuu. i wud be pissed to the max!! ask ur fren to put her foot down!!!

p/s: yup.. superlicious superman... yummm... my guy fren didn't like the movie. too much love-love instead of action he said. but i dun mind.. best cuci mata heehee ;-p

Cosmic_GurL said...

blackfeline - muah muah...why would ppl wanna shoot you? You're entitled to your own opinion darling. U do have a point. When men are no longer interested they'll find whtever excuse

che' fara - Hello my dear. How are u la? Semester break now kan?

Ezah - Hehehehe...u nak tempias skit2? kalau i, i nak tempias semua! Biar sejibik muka cam Brandon Routh. LOL!

FnG - Waaahhh...A very long advice. Talking from experience issit? :)

Cik PMS - Ack!! Yew "loose" woman yew! Hahaha

Angeleyes - U make excellent point there darling.

Concreterose - Tulah! sian my friend. Siap tertido tunggu the bf. Sigh...

Ditto on Superman Returns. I love the movie coz of Brandon Routh. Hehehe...

pugly said...

Does anyone else notice that the new Superman is prettier than his heroine?

Cosmic_GurL said...

Pugly - Hahahahaa...Ure right! Brandon Routh is definitely a pretty boy! said...

ye ke jumpe client?
"client" ke "ke lain"..?

Angel Eyes said...

Thank you *concreterose* (hugs back)

Seriously, superman is better looking than Lois Lane, bet tehy should be able to find one attractive lady rather than her. But then, maybe superman is gonna make a comeback again?

Look up at the sky people! ;)

BLaCkFeLiNe said...

thank you concreterose, angel eyes and cosmic gurl..can I take my award now?

but frankly speaking, dun waste time trying to make it right when it's already wrong! and dun ever make excuses for 'him' saying that he has lots of work to do..

there was a guy who threatened to end his life if his girl left him ( before he suffered frm the disease Itchytitis)

when the disease became uncontrollable..he told his gf to die coz he wanna live!

to this day....he is still scratching...gatal!!

Shopper Mom said...

kalau hendak seribu daya, kalau tak nak seribu dalih. betul tak?

i'd agree to the supplementary c.c proposition though. at least get something out of it la kan? muahahahahahaha

superdzu said...

brandon routh..
i love you!

eh i just noticed that his underwear siap ada tali pinggang!
you're ssssssexy!

suzequatro said...

weh weeehhh cik dzu! i watched superman first. he's mine ok ! he's mine! over my dead body!

hii cosmic..sorry..dzu is tryin hard to get brandon from me.

well anyway..i am trying to learn how to love and to be loved. i guess, i'd rather have my boyfriend, which is superman, to save the world than 'doing' Kitty.heh.

suzequatro said...

weh weeehhh cik dzu! i watched superman first. he's mine ok ! he's mine! over my dead body!

hii cosmic..sorry..dzu is tryin hard to get brandon from me.

well anyway..i am trying to learn how to love and to be loved. i guess, i'd rather have my boyfriend, which is superman, to save the world than 'doing' Kitty.heh.

cikPijah said...

tapi kann... same excuses used too many times kinda boring kan? guys shud be more creative laa to come up with excuses.. bz working mcm tak creative jek.. i know lari dari tajuk. :P

Leen Ash Burn said...

Men, when will we EVAH understang them?

Btw, have fun tonight *SOB*

Oh, oh, my word verification is sidncyz = Sid Nancyz which is a pretty cool name for a band, yes?

No? Bummer.

Gravt Kills said...

christopher reeves anytime over routh

trueblue said...

Hmmm..susahlah nak cakap. I guess its all about compromise. How much are we willing to scarifice our feelings?

If really rasa tak puas hati, better tell than keeping it bottled up inside. It takes two people to work a relationship

[Is]landa said...

"I would like to see whether he would enjoy all that money if I leave him and run off with someone else!!"

Ask her to do just that!

Cosmic_GurL said...

tiena - Hehehehe...good one!

angeleyes - Butthen again, Margot Kidder pun not tht gorgeous kan? Maybe thts the trend la kot. Superman must be more gorgeous than Lois Lane :)

blackfeline - dangerous la this itchytitis disease!

Shopper Mom - Hahahaha! Great minds think alike kan? I would love to help my friend max the c.c. u know :p

superdzu - How was Phuket darling? Jgn nak mengada! Kita share Superman kay..Sharing IS Caring. Muahahahaha!

suzequatro - Alamak! Ni dah cinta bersegi-segi ni! Everyone wants a piece of Routh huh?

cikpijah - Coz they know they can get away by giving tht excuse. we women somehow wanna be more understanding when our bf/husb says that they're busy working. But usually it backfired and hits us in the face when we find out they're actually "working" on someone else!

Leen Ashburn - OMG!! Coldplay was excellent! AWESOME!!! Next posting!

gravt kills - Yeah he was...but 20 years ago la!!!

trueblue - Tapi kalau asyik kita jer compromise pun tak fair kan?

Ylanda - Unfortunately she's not daring enough to do that!

Shopper Mom said...

woi update la citer pasal coldplay!!

*pressure, pressure* :P

lensman said...

cik puan, u slepping with the boss?? amende tu??? u slap him or sleep??? hahahaha

anyway back to the topic, sherr, errr....what is it actually? oh yes, maybe you can suggest ur friend that "if you can't beat them, u join them". suruh la ur fren tag along skali dgn bf dia. at least she's gonna have fun at the clubs.

Leen Ash Burn said...

We want posting on cold plaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy *stomps feet*