Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The "Eeekkk" Song

The boyfriend sent me this song called “Selimut Hati” by Dewa 19 a while back. I didn’t really listen to it properly then because…well, it is not one of Dewa 19’s most popular song. So this morning he told me that he had e-mailed this song to me again and wanted me to listen to the lyrics. He said that he meant every single thing that was said in the lyrics and that he sometimes feel like it too.
I will produce the lyric for you guys here. I think the song has a very nice melody but at the same time, reading in between the lines of the lyrics I feel bad because I think the boyfriend thinks that I compare him to my last ex-bf, which I don’t! Honest!

Aku kan menjadi malam-malam mu..
Kan menjadi mimpi-mimpi mu..

Dan selimuti hatimu..yang beku..
Aku kan menjadi bintang-bintang mu..
Kan s’lalu menyinarimu..

Dan menghapus rasa rindumu..yang pilu

Aku kan menjadi embun pagi mu..
Yang menyejukkan jiwamu..

Dan ‘kan membasuh hatimu..yang layu

Tinggalkan sejenak lalumu..
Beri s’dikit waktu..
Kepadaku..tuk meyakinkan mu..
Aku kan menjadi malam-malam mu..
Kan menjadi mimpi-mimpi mu..

Dan selimuti hatimu..yang beku..
I want theboyfriend to know that I don’t want him to be someone he’s not. I don’t want to change him (although I did manage to change some of his annoying habits like singing out loud and waving his hands frantically in the air and moving his body in the car while driving. Malu orang tengok okay! But I let him get away with it sometimes, when he’s usually stressed about work).

I want him to know I love him the way he is. I mean that’s what made me fall in love with him in the first place right? I don’t want him to feel insecure about how I feel for him.
How can I assure him that he doesn't have anything to worry about?
My last break-up was not one of those bad break-ups where we can’t even talk or see each other’s face. He didn’t cheat on me and I didn’t cheat on him. We didn’t have a big fight. We broke up because he was of different religion and was not willing to convert. He had a lot of issues. I respected his decision. I don’t hate him. I don’t want to be with someone who is forced to convert just because he wants to marry me. I was angry at him but I don’t hate him. After the break-up, he went off to do his Masters degree in Australia for 2 years. He is now back in KL. He now has a girlfriend and I am happy for him. He calls me occasionally (like once a month) to say “Hello” and I appreciate that.
So you see, I think the fact that I didn’t have a bad break-up worries theboyfriend. I think he thinks it’s abnormal NOT to hate an ex-bf.
Is it normal NOT to hate an ex, isn’t it?


trueblue said...

dont worry darling, its very normal :)

Anonymous said...


i think it is normal not to hate your ex's too...



Desparil said...

your bf ni.. transformers ke? if so, please ask him for an autograph on my behalf.


Cosmic_GurL said...

trueblue - Really? Pheww...

dudaesimboyo - I think so too...provided the ex didnt cheat on you when ure together :)

Desparil - Huh? Tranformers? Tak paham la Des...Mintak maap naa..bulan posa ni blur skit coz lack of food :p

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

first, i pun tak paham apa kena ngena Transformers ngan entry ni. Cik Cosmic, i rasa bukan kita yang blur, tapi Des sebenarnya..

second, no, i dont think its abnormal to NOT hate your ex-bf. the operative word being 'friends'. i prefer the term 'keep your friends close, keep your FRENEMIES closer'.

and yes, it was SATC. :)

Angel Eyes said...

It's normal to hate your ex and me to HATE my ex. very NORMAL ok?

Agree with cik pms on 'keep your friends close, keep your ENEMIES closer'.

Cosmic_GurL said...

Cik PMS - LOL! Good to know it's not me but DES! Ure absolutely right. I believe in "Keep your frienemies closer" bit. Makes life easier coz u can anticipate what's coming

Angeleyes - I don't hate my ex, dear. Wanted to know whether it's normal NOT to hate an ex :)

pugly said...

It's absolutely normal to not hate your ex ... & it's also normal to even love your ex, one way or another :-)

For me, an ex is an ex for a reason ... hence why I don't believe in staying friends with them.

Javard said...

i pun break ngan my awek...thats why i gi belajar kat australia gak....sniff sniff

Freak & Geek said...

weih, it's normal to hate or not to hate ur ex. every break up has it own story. every real reason to love or to hate.

urs is valid. worry not.

superdzu said...

when u hate your ex...its easier to move on.

but is so hard to hate your ex....if you're still friends.


cosmic...bukak puasa makan apa? said...

its absolutely normal.
and that daznt always mean that we still have feelings for them.

Shopper Mom said...

dear cosmic_gurl's bf,

do not worry about her past, just live in the present. even if she doesn't hate her ex, it doesn't mean she loves you any less. afterall, she is with u now, isn't she? :)

btw, who would want a bf to be exactly like her ex? that'd be kinda boring now, wouldn't it?

Gravt Kills said...

u dont hate yr ex? is there something wrong with u? oh my god...i think u need to see a bomoh to set u straight la its normal...maybe yr current bf just needs some assurance from u

Idham said...

lama tak follow kesah cik cosmic...sekali baca dah ada tahniah la !
Bila baca dua kali...ek, ada soklan la pulak...

for me...once dah love tu susah la nak tak love lagi....cuma, bila dah putus sebagai fren la kan...
new love is the one who will stay forever..insyAAllah...

eh, belum ucap selamat berpuasa.


idham's directory said...

psst..i am linking ur url to my directory...

kalau sudi link la balek ye..:)


Cosmic_GurL said...

Pugly - Normal to love an ex...errmm..errmm...dont think so lah :)

Javard - Yeah yeah...farah fauzana ek? When was she yr gf again?

FnG - Yeah, i think so too...

Superdzu - Easier to move on huh? But susahlah...if u have hatred in yr heart then it's gonna fester inside u know...
Hari ni my mom nak masak

tiena - U said it tiena banana! :)

Shopper Mom - Hehehe..thanks dear. I hope tht helps

gravtkills - LOL! Bomoh? Theres nothing wrong with me la...Yeah, i know he needs reassurance...

Idham - Heya! Selamat Berpuasa to you too! Kita dah lama ada bf la, awak jer yang tak tahu :)

suzequatro said...

i think yr ex bf is yr ex bf. just that u didnt hv a bad breakup.and it's so suweeet of u for still keeping in touch with him. kalau i..jangan harap!! and dewa rocks ok!

Desparil said...

cik pms,

i'm blur? hmmmm..

*ponders on this concept for a while*

a'ah la.. i memang blur pun.. not enuff sleep kot..

but then ah.. i saw this..


tu bukan transformers ke tu? boleh jadik macam2?

2.5 hours to go.. hehe..

shell said...

I like the rhytm tapi tak pernah nak teliti lyric dia.. heehhe biasa buat lyric sendiri :P


Cosmic gurl nih tak tau cartoon transformers la.. kecik kecik dia main ngan barbie doll jer :P

Cosmic_GurL said...

suzequatro - Yeah Dewa Rules!!!

Desparil - LOL! NOW i get it! Tapi merepek ah lawak u Des...

Shell - Kecik2 I main batu seremban & galah panjang la Shell :p

DNAS said...

cik cosmic,
I love that song too!
By the way, the annoying things your bf liked to do.... I have a friend that does them too! Is my friend your bf tu? Hihihi...
If yes, very funny la....