Thursday, October 05, 2006

Holy Moly Guacamole!!!

y parents have finally fixed my wedding date and the venue!! Phew. That is one thing I can cross off my checklist.

I have got less than 3 months to do everything, not to mention loose a kabajillion kilos! Sigh…

Where can I get a good tailor that charges reasonably? Don’t say Radzwan Radziwill coz I cannot afford him. What about the colour and theme? Lilac? Pruple? Oy vey! I can’t decide.

Oh yeah, I wonder if u guys know why my blog address is and not I was in hurry to type “purple” properly and misspelt it. Gobs kan? So now I have to live with “pruplelillies” forever. Unless I move this blog to another address which I won’t even bother coz it’s too much hassle. Got more pressing things to worry about.

I’m digressing. Anyway, I am so lucky to have great friends (you know who you are) who gave me a little push (a lot actually) and made me do a wedding journal. Thanks for wrapping it Nooby! U’re the best!

I feel like this 2 girls right now…OH SHIT!!


trueblue said...

Wooohooooo!!!!! I pulak yang excited. So when's the BIG DAY ni?
Many things to do, huh? Takpe, plan baik2 and make sure you get to decide. After all, it is your wedding. Good luck dear..

P/S: Am happy for you :)

pugly said...

Wow, 3 months is not long to go, is it? I pulak rasa panik jap :-)

Hope you'll get everything sorted out in time - don't forget to drop us a card whent he time nears!

superdzu said...

everytime when we ada plans to meet up..i selalu nak tanya u about pruplelillies. ..mati2 i ingat ke bunga exotic.

i'm so so so happy for you and your lucky lucky man!
jgn lupa hantar wedding invitation ok.
jangan lupa!

AidaSyukri said...

yeyeyeye...nanti jgn lupe jemput tau!! ;)

lx said...

3 months will come in a flash, pruple girl LOL i remember laughing abt ur blogname 'cos i thot the mistake was absolutely cutesey :-D You'll enjoy the stress and the preparations! It's all good.

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

i dengan ini menjemput diri sendiri ke wedding you.

sila jangan lupa bgtau bila dan kat mana..

he he.

congrats girl !!

Anonymous said...

hey girl, kudos on the wedding journal!

ok, u can start panicking now. hehe.. ride the waves dear, ride the exciting waves :)

DNAS said...

Cik Cosmic,
I started my wedding journal right after the engagement ceremony. It was very useful, I didn't miss out any of the things I put in my checklist. It also helped me to control my then tight budget. Good luck and have fun preparing, ok!

princesswaffzonkle said...

bawak pelampung! congrats!

Freak & Geek said...

huiyo... *applause*

can't wait for the big day!!!!

good luck with the journal...

che'fara said...

ala so cute like that.hehe congrats sis!!!!
i sure can help u masukkan bunga telur ker, ikat reben ker, hehe.

congrats sis!

Cosmic_GurL said...

trueblue - Early Feb next yr..luckily my mom lets me decide wht i want so im a happy camper :)

Pugly - *Shudder*..ure right. It's not a long time to plan everything. Tu yang panic jugak..

superdzu - Hehehhe...well now u know the origin of pruplelillies! Insyaallah cik Dzu, kalau ader tempat2 kosong tu i invite la u. Muahahahaa!

aidasyukri - Insyaallah! Of course im inviting u and syuk! Hows baby Myra?

Alex - U think? I dont know if ill enjoy the stress of planning a wedding. I guess we'll see :)

Cik PMS - Thanks. Insyaallah u akan dijemput :)

Shopper Mom - Oh yeah, the waves are getting higher and higher!

Dnas - Waaahh! U started early then. I shouldve started earlier but biasalah im the Queen of Procrastinate. Hehe...Skang baru nak menggelabah

Waffzonkle - Ada ni haa..pelampung gajah!

FnG - Thanks :)

che'fara - U sure u nak volunteer tolong? Ill take u up on tht nanti...tak tido mlm kang i suruh u ikat riben :p

Gravt Kills said...

check out D'ZULL CLASSIQUE in kajang

Angel Eyes said...

Wooohooooo! I'm so xcited for you my dear!

Knowing you and you partner, well.. it's a very nice friendship! Appreciate that.

Friends come and go, but we will stay... no matter what.

No worries, you can shed the kilos in less than 3 months. Do start from now!

You'll be fine.

Cosmic_GurL said...

gravt kills - Thanks for the info! Is tht also known as "Man Kajang?"

Angeleyes - I hope so. Wanna look nice on my wedding day :) Appreciate yr friendship too!

Gravt Kills said...

nah its different...give dzull a buzz at 0193164993

Cosmic_GurL said...

gravtkills - Thanks! :) Btw, is this guy's name Zulfazli by any chance? He did make-up for brides before right?

Gravt Kills said...

not sure la whats his full name is but i dont think he did make up before

cikPijah said...


meh nyanyi! meh!

renjis renjis di pilis..

Cosmic_GurL said...

gravtkills - senang cerita, i amik u la jadi my wedding planner, nak? :p

cikpijah - finish the song la pijah. hehehe...

UglyButAdorable said...

whoaaa..congratulations beb..3 months is just a blink away.. mayall yur plans goes well yeahh..