Friday, June 08, 2007

What's Going On?

Hey! Hey! You! You!
I don't like your girlfriend!
No way No way!
I think you need a new one
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I could be your girlfriend

I love this song, don’t get me wrong. It’s catchy and all but apa telah happen to Avril Lavigne? She’s wearing make-up and *gasp* a skirt now! I know she got married and all but seriously, does marriage really change the way a person dress up or behave?

Let’s take another example. Remember Alanis Morrissette? Remember how angst she was when she came out with her 1st album? She sounded so angry and against the world kinda person. Remember how good her songs were back then? I mean, who could forget the songs like “Ironic” and “You Oughta Know”?

Alanis went from this…

It was a slap in the face how quickly I was replaced
Are you thinking of me when you fuck her


Thank you India
Thank you providence
Thank you disillusionment
Thank you nothingness
Thank you clarity
Thank you thank you silence

Don’t get me wrong. I still think she’s one of the best female songwriter ever but she’s not so angry anymore, you know what I mean?

Have a good weekend people! I’m watching Ocean’s 13 tomorrow nite. Woohhoooo! I LOVE YOU BRAD PITT! *Drool*


katakbesar said...

i think..
it's not because of marriage per say
it's more due to the many phases in life

i.e. one can't remain as a kid forever
even though could always be one at heart.. hehe

yuupp.. me too..
loved to listen to A.M.'s Ironic and A.L.'s Complicated

c' est la vie..
it's complicated and ironic..
but life goes on..

UglyButAdorable said...

maybe marriage changed us physically.i dunno u tell..:)

kim salam kat abg pit..

vedd said...

hehe all i can think of right now is that - Bambino: The Force of nature to ....(I think you can complete the sentence hehe)

Yeah people do change after they get married and I think it's called adjusting, adapting and accomplishing. Part of life.

kepala_angin said...

agreed with your observation.

reminded me of an interview done with Eminem, the reporter tanya now that your life is good, would you have any good material to sing about next.

p/s: i will also write better when i'm suffering. heehehe..

mal said...

i think its just a case of being happier than before, thats all

dzu said...

yeah,this time around i decided not to buy her new album.
yes i love avril.
she rocks...

i love mr.clooney.
he's so hot.


prefer the old alanis....once she started thanking everybody...dah soooo tak best.....

M.I.S.S.Y said...

i went to this club (gay club) last sat..
and the dj played this song, i was like lookin at my roomie "layannnn ajeeee"...hahahha...
mula2 cam irritating..lama2 cam comel plak lagu tu...

brad pitt? ohhh uuuuuu!!!!! hes my only one...! huh..!

DiaHarris said...


**i love johny deep!

Lil' Miss Easydent said...

i guess love changes people a way la. eheheh

lx said...

tat song has a new remix with Lil' Mama ... makes it even more catchy and hilarious!

Cosmic_GurL said...

katakbesar - I always try to be a kid at heart but nowadays cannot la..when ure married people's expectation of u will also change..sadly..

UBA - Oh yeah! Mu hubby now got spare tyre. hahaha!

vedd - ure spot on! But errmm...u still havent changed..still menyinga what! hehehehe...

kepala angin - Hehehe..let's just hope ideas wont come rushing to you when ure really suffering or that would be a very painful experience!

Mal - I guess so too! Dulu alone, now dah berdua :p

dzu - eh, clooney was hot in Oceans 13 kan? Dzu, yr bf pun hot jugak! Muahahahaa!

Cosmic_GurL said...

eddy - eh, dah tukar gambar nampak..perasan jack sparrow la tu. Muahahaha!

missy - yes! the song mmg catchy and bouncy la..makes u wanna jump up and down..

diahariss - I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP TOO! Sigh...he's super duper gorgeous!

lil' miss easydent - Hmmm..what abt people did not marry out of love? u think that changes a person too?

Alex - Yup yup! I heard it on the radio yesterday! Cool giler!