Thursday, February 12, 2009

Second Chances

The great thing about being alive is that you have a second chance to make right whatever wrong you’ve done in the past. When a person is given a second chance, that person will try their best to succeed, be it finding love again or getting that promotion or even a better job. One tends to make the best out of it and most of the time they get past the fact that they weren’t successful the first time. However not everyone can handle being given a second chance. Some tend to screw it up even more the second time around and with these people it’s never ending. They will ask for a third or fourth chance and after a while you just feel like giving up on them because they disappoint you time and time again.

What was the saying again? Once bitten twice shy? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me? If everyone thinks this way then no one will get second chances. Or maybe you could get a second chance, but just not with the person that had let you down.

I have a few friends who got married the second time around and they have never been happier. I also know someone who had failed in his business once but now he’s a successful entrepreneur, even more successful than before. That’s the beauty of second chances. Only after you have embraced it and make the best out of it, then you will find true happiness and be at peace with yourself.

I want to tell you about a friend of mine who has been divorced for less than 8 months. Last week he told me that he’s in love and is getting married again this year in June. As a friend of course I told him I was happy for him. I am happy that he found love again and happy that he had entrusted his heart with another person. But I am also worried for him. I don’t want him to rush into things. I don’t want him to get married because he felt that his daughter needed a mother or that because he was lonely and needed a companion. I want him to get married for all the right reasons. But then I start to think what could be the right reasons to get married. To him the right reason could be because he was lonely and needed a companion. To me it should be because he is totally and utterly in love with her and that he thinks that she is good for him and that she could take good care of his daughter and love her like her own. Part of me wants him to be careful and to take it slow and thinks that getting married too soon after his divorce is a bad move but another part of me just wants him to take a chance and be happy and not think too much, just follow his heart. Alas, I did tell him to be careful and just follow his heart. At the end of the day, it’s his life and if he is happy then who am I to rain on his parade.

So what I’m trying to say here is if you’ve been given a second chance at life or love then you have to grab it and make the best out of it. Because that could be the only chance you will get at being happy.


Mrs.A said...

Hear, hear ..Cosmic Gurl.. hear, hear

Ms B said...

Eh, is there a deadline for this? Cos u know, in my case it has been close to 4 years.

But then again, I think it is more of a personal choice. Hey, my sleeping partner makes the bed every morning without fail and loves to snuggle before she gets out of bed.

U know dear, once she said something like, "maybe i should start sleeping in my room. Then your new prince will come along".

geesh...getting love advice from ur own kid. *LOL*

ps: embracing the meat with open arms. *grins*

Anonymous said...

Today I found out my boss (who's been happily married to his wife for 31 years now) asked her to marry him 8 days after meeting her. It's not a "second chances" kind of story, but it still shows, if it feels right, you just have to take that chance, you know? :-)


Cosmic_GurL said...

Mrs A - Eh u tak nak bg access kat I ke? Teringin nak read your blog :)

Ms. B - Nope, no deadline at all..u can take as long as you like...better be safe than sorry I say...but just remember not to ignore the signs okay :)

Banana - Wow! yeah I guess when ufeel that it's right then u just know it. Sometimes it's good to just follow your heart and not rationalise things too much or u may miss the boat :)

hylda said...

i like this!

maszuzu said...

i think i've had few many chances already..tapi asik la terlepas...hahahahah... aper nak jadi..

Gagak Merah said...

Well...i just wish him happiness cos he is a good guy. I hope this time it will turn out better for him. Amin

Cosmic_GurL said...

hylda - Im glad you did :)

maszuzu - Maybe sbb you tak prihatin kot :P

GM - Yup I do too, for his and his daughter's sake.

The Pisces Man said...

I read in the news yesterday about a divorcee with a child about to marry a Chinese who had not yet converted to Islam. But the Chinese man was killed in an accident, and he had not yet uttered the kalimah syahadah...

Kinda' sad ain't it to both parties? Sori if I spoil this entry though...