Monday, May 10, 2010

Bikin Filem

I like watching malay dramas. That is like my guilty pleasures. I enjoy watching Adamaya, Mertua vs. Menantu, Nur Kasih, all the horror dramas like Ku Seru, Penunggu Gunung Raya and Jangan Pandang Belakang and the occasional Redah Kasi Pecah. Yes, I watch cerita melayu. So what?? I dont care if people say I'm lame for watching those dramas. Some people think jatuh martabat tengok cerita melayu, except when it's directed by Allahyarhamah Yasmin Ahmad. Why is that? There are so many good malay directors out there like Afdlin Shauki, Mamat Khalid (yes! I enjoyed all his movies okay! so sue me!), Shuhaimi Baba, Aziz M. Osman and Amir Muhammad (although I thought Susuk was confusing but hey! it was somewhat interesting). Just because we have the likes of Yusuf Haslam and Razak Mohaideen in the film industry, that doesnt mean all malay movies sucked.
Sometimes I cant stand arrogant people and posers who think they're above it all, you know the ones who proudly say they dont watch malay movies/dramas but I know when they're home alone, they actually watch Gerak Khas! Puhleeess.
I admit there are some malay dramas yang memang kalau you tengok you feel like pulling your hair out, like WTF is this drama all about but not all cerita melayu takder purpose. Some do have good pengajaran like you should take good care of your parents, dont sakitkan their hati and jangan dok menangkan your wife jer (which happens a lot in malay families), or jangan pinjam from along or else kena potong jari...u know those kind of pengajaran :P
So lastly I would like to say Filem Kita, Wajah Kita. Kalau tak suka tengok, tutup tv saja. Kutuk-kutuk pun tak guna. Kalau ingat terer sangat pegilah buat better drama!


Ms B said...

I watched Nur Kasih but only halfway tru cos I couldnt stand Sarah's character. (emo sungguh). :D Also, I completed Ghost 1 and 2, and I did it all the way from London.

Sometimes people think that just because they live abroad for merely one year (or less), they forget their roots or alike. A friend of mine who has lived here for 20 years, attended elite schools and trades shares for fun, still tries her best to speak malay. She's chinese by the way.

darlene said...

yay CG..! (hi ms b!)
(i seriously thought you've stopped blogging.)
my english sucks, i studied in local U, have been staying in malaysia forever, come from a kampung etc.... but i'm not a fan of malay drama either.. *duck from flying eggs*. but i do watch Kabir Bhatia's and love P Ramlee movies. but that doesn't mean i look down or complain about them. i just simply don't go watch them. ok, may be i do complain a little but not because they are malay dramas. i complain because i just don't like* them -- just like i don't like star wars or avatar etc.
i did watch them when i was small of course. during the time tv paling canggih was tv3 and cerita orang putih was only on tv2/3 (imagine that). remember NAM Tour of Duty?
(don't worry, i have other type of guilty pleasures)
(*what usually turns me off is the script.)

diana sidek said...

i agree dgn u 110% babe! i do watch malay dramas and my fave of course nur kasih and currently adamaya..n so true kan most of the malay dramas mmg ada the pengajaran.

Cosmic_GurL said...

Ms.B - Yeah i know what u mean..some character can put people off..but what im talking abt is people esp melayu yang perasan dia high class la konon tak tengok citer melayu..those ppl really piss me off...

Darlene - Im still writing but often get distracted with twitter n fb..hehehe..if tak tengok takper but i cant stand yang kutuk terlebih like theyre above everyone else and that if u watch malay movies/dramas that means ure helloo??!! kalau raya diaorang balik mana? balik KAMPONG jugak kan? sheesh!

Diana - Kan?! hehehe

D.N.A.S said...

I don't watch those Drama sebab tak sempat. But I watched Adnan Sempit The Movie. I thought it's simply brilliant. It was a simple story but nicely done. Fresh jokes some more!

Cosmic_GurL said...

DNAS - Ive watched it too..must say its not too bad at all..the jokes are fresh..hehehe..