Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I'm just updating my blog because it is such a cool date today. Hahahaha!

Ok so hows everybody doing? It has not been a slow month, it’s just that I haven’t been to many raya open houses this year. Not being anti-social but it's just tiring taking care of nephew and nieces and when the weekend comes all I wanna do is sleep and watch tv.

Last week, I went for Adam Lambert's concert. Whatever you say about the man he can sure sing la. He has a very powerful voice and such a good performer. He sang some of the songs from his idol days and also from his album. I was so excited when he sang If I Had You, Strut and Whadaya Want From Me.

Oh and hubby was handed this flyer by a PAS protester outside the concert venue. of them tried to pass this flyer to me but I just smiled and politely said no thanks. Adoi, he made me feel so guilty la. There I was standing, wearing tudung with goth make-up on. Hahaha!

I was also involved as a volunteer for the World Capital Market Symposium which was held end of September at Shangri-La Hotel this year. It was a good experience and I get to meet an array of world capital market specialists. I volunteered as a Liaison Officer or LO and it was a lot of work. I mean the LOs have to be on top of things even before these delegates arrived. But it was worth it I guess. I got to meet Dr. Nouriel Roubini, an economics professor at New York University's Stern School of Business and chairman of Roubini Global Economics, an economic consultancy firm. He is also known as “Dr. Doom” for having predicted that US was going to face an economic crisis 2 years ago. I also had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. He was so passionate when he talked about how he started wiki.

Dr. Doom

Jimmy Wales

We also have a new addition to the family. My brother and SIL’s 4th child whom they decide to name Maira Syafeenaz Sayang. The 2nd one was named Maizatul Sabreena Cinta, the 3rd Maisarah Syakeela Qaseh and now the 4th one is Sayang. Don’t ask me what he was thinking. The poor child having to live with the name Sayang.

My other niece Cinta and nephew Hareez was featured as models in the Mingguan Wanita raya edition below. Geramness!

I took this at one of my friend's open houses. They fight a lot but they're close, as how a bro and sis should be.


Red Raven said...

Hahahahahaha....little angels who can turn into little irritating monsters in a split second. but love love love them.....

Darlene said...

i'm curious to read apa yang tertulis dekat adam lambert flyer tu.