Tuesday, February 14, 2006


My nephew is 1 year old today. Kids his age has already learned how to walk and has at least 4 teeth but my nephew is still afraid to walk and has ½ a teeth. Not even 1 tooth okay. But he loves football. U can get him the most expensive toy but he would only be playing with it for a second before going back to kicking the ball.

This darling angel is apple of my eye. He is so attached to me that 3 out of 4 days in a week he would be sleeping with me. I feed him, bathe him, sing him to sleep and do all the things that a mother does to her child, well, maybe except breastfeed him. Everyone keeps saying that I could very well be his mother from the way he acts around me. I mean I even bring him along on some of my dates! Hahaha…Luckily the boyfriend is an understanding man and loves kids as well. We shall bring him to the zoo next weekend kay.

Oh btw, Happy V-Day Day sayang. I know we don’t celebrate it but just thought it’d be nice to wish you that’s all.

I am going to have my own kids someday, InsyaAllah but I am still going to love this boy like my own.

Happy Birthday my sweet darling boy!

Baby face don't grow so fast

Make a special wish that will always last
Rub this magic lantern
He will make your dreams come true for you

Ride the rainbow to the other side
Catch a falling star and then take a ride
To the river that sings and the clover that
Brings good luck to you, it's all true

Pink elephants and lemonade, dear Hareez
Hear the laughter running through the love parade
Candy kisses and a sunny day, dear Hareez
See the roses raining on the love parade

If the land of make believe
Is inside your heart it will never leave
There's a golden gate where the fairies all wait
And dancing moons, for you

Close your eyes and you'll be there
Where the mermaids sing as they comb their hair
Like a fountain of gold you can never grow old
Where dreams are made, your love parade

Your dreams are made inside the love parade
It's a holiday inside the love parade

On the merry-go-round of lovers and white turtle doves
Leprechauns floating by, this is your lullaby
Sugarplum fingertips kissing your honey lips
Close your eyes sleepy head, is it time for your bed
Never forget what I said, hang on you're already there

Close your eyes and you'll be there
Where the mermaids sing as they comb their hair
Like a fountain of gold you can never grow old
Where dreams are made, your love parade

p/s : Happy V-Day everyone! So what's your special plans with your loved ones tonight?


Princess Sparkle said...

AAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Hareez is ONE ! Happy Birthday Hareez!! I hope I wish a toothfairy will kiss you tonite! When's the bday party?! Can't wait to see the pink elephants and try the lemonade! :-)

No plans or anything for V Day.... So sad huh?? Heheheh!

Cosmic_GurL said...

Tulah he's so big now! Yay!! Birthday party this weekend kot. Can u wish for the toothfairy to kiss him byk2 so tht his teeth will grow cepat2 skit? Hahahaha..Sparkle honey, V-Day is just like any other day okay. I lagi best, mlm ni I gotta teach Eng at rumahilham. Romantic or not? Hehehe

superdzu said...

happy valentines!
to princess sparkle too.

you guys are lucky.....
malam ni i'm going to have dinner with friends, sister and brother inlaw.
langsung tak romantic k!

eh malam ni ada english tuition??
berapa fees dia??

Cosmic_GurL said...

Superdzu - Hehehe...okay what, uve made V-Day a family affair! I think thts even better :)
Rumahilham is an orphanage in Pinggiran TTDI my dear so I teach Eng to the kids there for free. There are abt 15 kids. Nak volunteer tak? It's every Tues from 8.30-10pm. Anyone is welcome to drop by if ure interested :)

Freak & Geek said...

Happy V-day, gal! Hope u'll have an enjoyable v-day with ur loved ones...

Angel Eyes said...

what a cute baby boy! nak picit2 pipi dia bleh tak? =)

happy V-day top you too! so what's ur plan tonite?

me got to do some work.. nah, am not celebrating neway..

[Is]landa said...

futsal baybee, yearghhh!!!

cikPijah said...

happy birthday Hareez!! makcik! rumahilham tu tang mana? i stay ttdi oso donch know. u email me the address?

Princess Sparkle said...

cosmic, yea lor... everyday oso can be v-day kan? but me & hubby decided to go out for dinner afterall. am gonna make sure he has lots of shrimp appetiser and strawberries for dessert! hahahaha ;-) oh btw, cosmic, superdzu's cute bro is a good kid's party organizer! he organised a really fun bday party for adam last year! ;-)

superdzu, happy vals to you too! dinner with loved ones are the best kinds! :-)

cikpijah, rumah ilham is located somewhere behind the petronas station at sg penchala... the one kat tepi ldp highway tu... you there's a signboard also..

Cosmic_GurL said...

FnG - Thanks darling! U have a good V-Day too :)

Angeleyes - Bukan picit jer, nak gigit2 pun boleh. Hehehe...Takper, u can celebrate V-Day with yr ehem ehem when u come back to KL this weekend

Ylanda - Oh yeah! Celebrating V-Day with sweaty women/men huh? Way to go gurL! Hehehe

Cik Pijah - Makcik! Nak bg address ni yang susah nyer coz I dont know the full address. It's near the Ghufran Mosque (I think thts the name of the mosque)...

Shopper Mom said...

happy birthday hareez!! *muahs*

wow, aunty sher sure had a lot of practice to be a mommy. i'm sure by the time it comes to ur own little one, everything will be just perfect. :)

Red Raven said...

Wah…1 year old on Valentine’s day? Cool… and ur bf pun cool jugak kan or just nak ambik hati u jer? hahaha….happy birthday to ur nephew and may he grow up as a Red Devil supporter…maybe can become a good footballer?? Ait…..
And I am sure u can make a good mother from what I read in this posting

Cosmic_GurL said...

SM - Ack! Haiyoo anak sendiri sure I gelabah giler kay. Hehehe

Raven - Red Devil supporter??? I dont think so coz the dad is an avid Liverpool supporter. I think my bro will disown hareez is he supports another team. Hehehe

zuhri said...

wah...panjangnya dedication for ur nephew. itu baru nephew, how about dedication for ur cik abang?

Javard said...

u dont celebrate happy velentines day.,....yeah right.....happy birthday hareez....

madnessinvain said...

How adorable.

Err, your nephew of course.


Cosmic_GurL said...

Zuhri - Hehehe...nanti nak kawin esok i dedicate kat cik abang plak :p

Javard - Eh betullah I tak celebrate. Was at rumahilham yesterday kay

MIV - The nephew is adorable just like the auntie kay :p

taichee~@! said...

you have been TAGGED ms Sherie!