Thursday, May 27, 2010

Freddy's Coming For You

When I was about 9 years old I was chased and bitten by a puppy. That incident traumatised me so much that until now I'm afraid of puppies, no matter how cute and adorable they are. I'm also afraid of dogs as a result of that wretched puppy who bit my leg.
I've also known a friend who got into a really bad accident and it took him years before he could get into a car, let alone apply for a driver's license. We would sometimes kutuk him (behind his back of course) and say that it is sooo tak macho for a man who is in his late 30s who cant drive a car and expect his date to pick him up everytime. I guess he got over his fears now becoz I heard he got his license and bought himself a Volvo.
What is it about traumatic experience that leaves us paralysed with fears? Is it really all in our mind? How do we overcome such fears? I've always heard people say, "it's mind over matter". Oh well, it depends on how strong a person's mind is I guess. And it would also depend on whether they are willing to get over that fear.
There's also this friend of mine who is supposedly afraid of cats. Some would say it's a stupid thing to be afraid of, I mean come on! How scary can a cat be right? We would always teased her and say that she's "mengada-ngada" because everytime she sees a cat she would scream bloody mary and jump on a chair. And because she's so pretty guys would always come to her rescue and chase the cat away. Pfffftttt! We would talk amongst ourselves and say that she's pretending to be afraid of cats and was only doing that to get attention. Thinking back now I genuinely believed that she was not really afraid of them cats. She was just "geli" with their "bulu". Hehehe...
So anyway, what I am trying to say here is that I'm not willing to get over my fear of dogs and cockroaches. Lantaklah apa korang nak cakap. Word.


toughcookie said...

you know, i have always been afraid of LIGHTS!! you know, kalau you masuk panggung wayang, the lights are dim, and you have those glowing lights tu. menakutkan ok. then there are those chandeliers in hotels, view of the milky way in the galaxy, and the spots of spotlights in dewan orang kahwin. i just can't look up because i feel that they are coming at me and would eat me up. now that i'm think of them, it gives me goose bumps! hehe... strange but true.

Mrs.A said...

hey, saya pun takut anjing! i have been chased while going for scouts odd job week, jogging with my dad ( scar still there on my elbow), followed by a poodle in a market in london (i just said cute n it started following me around, to my horror) dan macam2 lagi. somewhow the dogs also know i am afraid of them!

Anonymous said...


I was chased by dogs twice. 1st when I was a kid and it chased me while I was cycling. I stop my bike and chased the dog back on foot. 2nd one during my bachelor days. I was jogging and someone's dog came after me. I stopped and chased it back. Hahaha...seeing where it went, I scolded the owner as well and threaten her that I will report to the authority. She so takut n cried hehehe.

2day behind my house there are 4 fully grown dogs and 6 juve. All of them are stray dogs that make home behind my house since puppies. I always fed them. When I bakar sampah the will all come kerumun ramai2 nak manja2 kunun but I told them if u come nearer I will kick 'em. They all like understand only n sat quietly. I don't like their smell. So bachin hahaha. But at nite they will become guards to my home. I love 'em dogs. hehehe


Leen AshBurn said...

I am afraid of stupid people. I am scared they will control my thoughts and suck my soul into their beings and then I become like them.

I also takut cacing dan binatang2 yang tidak berkaki.