Friday, June 18, 2010

The day the snoring stopped...

I've been on MC for the past 2 weeks. And I'm happy to report that I've lost 4 kilos all due to the tonsillectomy operation I had undergone 2 weeks ago. No joke okay. Not being able to eat hot and spicy food is really killing me. Not only did I undergo tonsillectomy operation, the doctor also did a septoplasty operation on me. Basically he took out a crooked bone in my nose. He said he had to do it to clear the air passage in my nose so I could breath better. He also cleared up my sinus. The operation took almost 4 hours and recovery process is very long. I have been enjoying copius amount of ice a week after the op. Right after the op, even swallowing water hurts.The first few days I could only eat porridge and soup. Then a friend who had undergone the op had told me that I have to try and eat solid food so I can get rid of the whitish coloured slough on my throat and get better. It was tough swallowing rice. I felt like a thousand knives were cutting through my throat.

Now 2 weeks after the op I can eat solid food but still no hot and spicy food. Im really craving for nasi lemak with sambal paru. Sigh.

Dalam MC tu sempat lagi pegi tengok Spirit of Rugby Challenge 2010 at the Kelana Jaya Stadium. For the first time I saw The Classic All Blacks did the haka and I shook hands with the legendary Jonah Lomu. He looked so much older and not so energetic. But it was funny to see that everytime he got the ball (which was not so often) the crowd would go crazy and cheered for him like mad. I guess he is still considered one of the greatest rugby player ever.
That was about the only excitement I got during my 2 weeks mc. I dont even know why I went to the rugby match, considering I cant even shout and cheer. I guess I was just so bored at home that I would give anything to get out of the house.
I'll be back at the office next week. And I promise you when I start work I'd be bitching about it and will be telling my colleagues how I miss staying at home, eating ice cream and watching all the tv series. So far I've finished The Good Wife, Supernatural Season 5 and True Blood season 2 and starting on 1st epi of season 3. Think now I'm gonna start on Gossip Girl Season 3, Grey's Anatomy Season 6 and Life Unexpected. Best kan duduk rumah? hehehe...

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